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Living on a budget and cannot afford to buy things offline?
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Worldwide some buyers prefer to buy jewellery and gemstones online as the prices can be significantly cheaper, because of the lower overheads . However, it is important to ensure that the seller supplies quality products as promised. One of the disadvantages of buying jewellery online is that most online stores deliver the jewellery after atleast 3 weeks, with only a few items which will be shipped in 2 weeks. Most major offline brands also offer a money back/exchange option to buyers of gold /platinum/diamond jewellery, where the purchased item can be exchanged for cash at the market value or at a discount to the market value at the time of purchase.

Some of the widely advertised jewellery stores are: - stocks a variety of gold and diamond jewellery. The jewellery is shipped with a card which specifies the carats and cut of the diamonds.
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The Reiu Earrings
Metal 18Kt Yellow Gold, Metal Weight 1.66 gms
Order delivered within 15 days of order placement as promised. - have a loyalty program, but delivery time is very long - advertised extensively on Facebook
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